Weekly Blog Challenge

Weekly Blog Challenge

YAY!! Blog challenge, finally. As I stated on my previous post, I made this challenge as my trigger to write something for this blog. I believe there are still many people out there who often end up saving their posts on draft (I feel you!!). And I believe I'm not the only one who casually get confused about what to write. Well, maybe you're a master procrastinator, like me? Lol. If you are, please watch Tim Urban's TED Talk, Inside the Mind of A Master Procrastinator. According to him, a procrastinator tends to do something a day before deadline, but s/he do it great. So, keep your head up! Let's take this challenge as your deadline and may the odd be ever in our favor. x

Read this first!
  • This challenge is started on 1 January 2017.
  • Everyone is welcome to join whenever you please as long as your post is using English or Indonesian. Don't forget to put your blog address on the Linky (at the end of this post).
  • This is a blog-hop challenge. So, all participants are encouraged to visit another participants' post and leave comments. Don't take it as a burden, you'll get more friends! ;)
  • I might do some giveaways along the challenge but it's not open worldwide.
  • I'll appreciate it if you're willing to follow my blog (any method is okay), but please link back my blog at least once in any post related to this weekly blog challenge.
  • Have an idea for the next theme? Don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact me. I'm also open for sponsored theme request.

Let's start!

01/01 - 2017 Resolutions/Goals. What did and didn't you achieve in 2016? What's your plan to achieve it? If you don't have any, what are you planning to do this year?
08/01 - Introducing Me. People change. People come and go. Any thoughts about how you see yourself now? Any message for your 10-years-later-self? Or you might state few interesting facts about yourself. We'll be glad to know you better :)
15/01 - Favorite Foods. Foods you can't live without. You can mention as much as you want, but one is fine. Have some food hacks or recipes? You might share it as well.
22/01 - 5 Songs You Like Right Now
29/01 - What do you collect? Love letters? Stamps? :))

05/02 - Top 5 Places You'd Like to Visit. Tell us the reasons why! Places you've never been.
12/02 - Valentine's Day! Use this post to tell something to/about your love one. Or you can tell us your opinion about Valentine's Day. Anything related, really. Do you have suggestion for Valentine's gift? Go ahead and write it down :) With a correct keywords, it can attract more visitors.
19/02 - If you win $10.000, what would you do?
26/02 - Celebrating 89th Academy Awards a.k.a Oscar 2017, let's talk about movie! What's your favorite Oscar movies of all time or of this year? Or make it simple, what's your most favorite movies that your readers should watch too? Any great movies you've watched recently?

05/03 - International Women's Day. Dedicate this post to any woman you find inspiring. It can be your mom, sisters, best friends, etc.
12/03 - I know that we all have different hobbies. So, tell us any tips/tricks/hacks about anything that you find very useful and the others must know. For example, blogging tips, daily makeup hacks, love life problems, whatever comes to your mind.
19/03 - Biggest Celebrity Crush
26/03 - Childhood Memories. What do you miss most about it?

02/04 - Since yesterday is April Mop, let's talk about your embarrassing stories.
09/04 - Favorite TV Series/Shows. You can focus on only US/UK or Korean drama. It can be about your all time favorite or good TV series/shows that you currently watch.
16/04 - What to do to Recharge. Use this post to put links about previous topics.
23/04 - Beautiful Place(s) You've Been. Give us tons of recommendation!
30/04 - This is the last day of the month. Let's use this moment to look back to your greatest strength and weakness. How do you learn to accept and embrace it? How do you overcome it?


25/06 - Happy Eid Mubarak! Write anything about Idul Fitri. If you're not moslem, you might write about your family time. What's the most memorable time with your big family? Why do you feel thankful for having them?


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  1. wah finally >< I will join the weekly blog challenge and already put the link there!
    so excited :D


  2. hallo...hallo...ikutan juga.

  3. Waah I'm so excited to join this weekly blog challeng :D

  4. Woaaa this is make me excited. Lemme join

    Here my link https://pena-edelweiss.com

  5. hallo Mbak Ratri...hmm...maaf judul yg saya tulis di atas salah. Saya pikir nama tema, ternyata nama blog masing2 ya.

  6. Baru baca :(( masih boleh ikut joinkah?

    1. Boleeeeh... Boleh banget kok. Langsung join aja di minggu yang kamu mau :)

  7. pengen ikutan huhu telat gak ya?
    Ikutnya harus mulai dari minggu keempat ya? Kalau tema minggu-minggu sebelumnya boleh diposting juga?
    BTW, followers baru nih. Pejuang Skripsi juga. Salam kenal ya kak :)

    1. Boleh banget kok :) Terserah mau nulis mulai awal atau nggak. Yang penting ikutan komentar di postingan peserta lain ya. Sekalian kenalan.

  8. Walaupun telat aku bakal coba ikutan weekly blog challenge hehe

  9. salam kenal kakak,jadi pengen ikutan

  10. mbak kalau misalkan saya ikut kan lalu ikut challenge di minggu itu, nah kalau setelah itu posting di challenge sebelumnya boleh nggak mbak? makasih ya :)


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